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Full Baseball Glove Relace and Cleaning (Fielder and Trapeze)

Full Baseball Glove Relace and Cleaning (Fielder and Trapeze)

Bring your glove back to life while adding your own swagger.

Revive your beloved baseball or softball glove with our professional relacing service. Over time, the laces of your glove can wear out, leading to decreased performance and potential discomfort. Our expert craftsmen specialize in restoring your glove to its original glory, ensuring optimal performance and comfort on the field. Whether you're a seasoned player or a passionate amateur, our baseball glove relacing service will help you maintain your edge and continue making those exceptional catches.

Every full relace service includes deep cleaning and conditioning. 

How the process works. Once your order is placed we will contact you with a shipping address to send the glove. When received we will enter into our database with full before pictures. After completion, we will take full photos and return your restored glove via priority shipping. You must supply us with a good contact email address.

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